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Install Ceiling Fan - $60 IMC
Install Ceiling Fan W/Light Kit - $75 IMC (3 or more $60 ea)
Install Light Fixture - $50 IMC
Install Outlet Switches or GFCI - Call for Estimate
Install Overhead Microwave - $75 IMC
Kitchen Appliance Installation - $55 IMC
Through the Wall Air Conditioner Installation - Call for Estimate
Install Outdoor Security Light - Call for Estimate
Bathroom Fan Installation - Call for Estimate
Electric or Gas Water Heater Installation - Call for Estimate
Recessed Lighting Installation - Call for Estimate


(IMC) = In Most Cases

What We Do

What we do, is all those things that nobody wants to do, plus all those things you don't know how to do.

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About Us (Me)

The short version is - I have been in construction my whole life.

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